Blueprint for a Future Institution

Blueprint for a Future Institution

Institutions bring people together to achieve impact, to deliver change, and to solve some of societies largest problems.They bring capabilities, systems, and resources together to act greater than the sum of their parts.  People most often join institutions to be a part of a mission and to contribute to impact that could not be achieved actin on one’s own.  


Facing concurrent crises of conflict, health, climate, inequality, and even democracy -- humanity has never needed institutions more. Institutions have helped the world achieve so much positive change. Yet in recent years, too many of our institutions have become less trusted, seen as less relevant, or ineffective. Many are generations old, having been envisioned and created following the second World War. All too often the incentives that drive them are outdated or even prevent progress on the biggest challenges we face. All too often, institutions simply are not greater than the sum of their parts.  


Given how much has changed in societies and the transformation opportunity that the fourth industrialisation brings – we think it is time to reform, rethink and rebuild institutions. We need them to be more fit for today’s world and the future.


In our pursuit of contributing to a better world for humanity, later this year the Yellow House will be launching a discussion series around the future institution. we want to hear ideas and perspectives from a diverse group of people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages, positions, from inside institutions and outside institutions, and of course, impacted populations themselves. We want to hear ideas on how institutions can deliver better on impact and how they can regain trust.


Between now and then, we would love to “crowdsource” ideas on what YOU think the priorities should be. We would love to tap into your experience, knowledge, imagination and aspiration.


Here are a few questions to inspire your thinking. Your ideas will contribute to the development of a ‘blueprint’ for aFuture Institution -- please email them to or one of your Yellow House colleagues.


·      What does trust of an institution look like?

·      What is needed to rebuild trust?

·      What does a gender-inclusive institution look like?

·      What does a decolonized institutions look like?

·      What does good leadership look like? Are there lessons learned from co-leadership of institutions and Boards?

·     How do you know if an institution has fulfilled its mission and should look to pass the baton or transform? Or if/when a new institution is needed?          

·     What are healthy power dynamics?

·     What are key aspects of good governance?

·     How to improve speed and agility of institutions?

·     What does a healthy institution look like? 

·      What is the future of work for institutions

·      What could be the positive impact of technology and AIon institutions? What are the precautions?



September, 2022